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IMG Platform License

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IMG Platform License

What is the IMG Platform License?

In simple terms, the Platform license is a license that works with Custom layouts created in Build-A-Board to automatically license on a target system running Windows, or Android, or Linux, or Mac OS X, etc. Because Build-A-Board can target different platforms, and often customers wish to deploy on a certain type of device (running Windows or Android or Linux, etc.), the Platform license works in conjunction with the Build-A-Board builder to embed the license in the built KeyBoard File (KBF file) so when custom boards are deployed onto a target device, it will be licensed automatically if the platform license matches the operating system/run-time software on the target device. For example, an Android platform license embedded in a KBF file will allow the board to be licensed on any Android device.

What are the benefits of a Platform License?

The Platform License is a solution for customers that are deploying more than a handful or dozen devices, and need to deploy custom layouts without the added burden of having an additional license step. Often custom boards are used in production or critical situations where getting a unit back on the floor and operating again is time sensitive, delays costing time and money. To make deployment easy, and to make updating layouts trivial, this license allows a properly licensed Build-A-Board designer/builder to generate layouts that are already licensed - they simply need to be put onto the target device - it can't get any easier than that!

General Information / Limitations

The Platform License is only available to End-users - all deployments must be on systems owned by the Licensee. This license does not apply to customers that lease, ship, sell, or resell the equipment the IMG software is installed on (please contact IMG for OEM and Distribution type licenses). This type of license required a Build-A-Board serial # (of the form BAB220??????), a Account, and an IMG Support Account. Multiple platforms can be bundled, (e.g. Windows and Android), so deployed boards will be licensed on either platform.


The Platform License requires a company name and an e-mail address. This ties into a account and IMG Support Account so proper licensing of the Build-A-Board builder can managed. Note that layouts will indicate that they are licensed to the licensed company name. The e-mail address is used for account access where projects, boards, settings, and licenses can be managed.

Annual Maintenance

For entry level Platform licenses, and Annual Maintenance commitment is not required, but highly recommended. This allows IMG to continue to provide high-quality software at reasonable prices, and gives customers the assurance that their technology investment will be supported for years to come.

For general Annual Maintenance Benefits, see the Annual Maintenance overview page. The Annual Maintenance option provides the customer with complete support, and provides a seamless pathway when updating or upgrading.

Technical Details

For more details on what is actually required to get from a purchased license to deployment, here is a step-by-step along with some tech links.

  • You will need your e-mail/password - you must be able to login to your account to complete the license steps. The account has a serial #, which is used to access the Platform license. You will need Build-A-Board on a Windows system. You will want to download the latest here: Build-A-Board Download
  • To see step-by-step licensing / retrieval of Platofrm license refer to this tech item: How do I license Build-A-Board with a Platform License?
  • After Build-A-Board is licensed and has the platform license, you can build/deploy boards. The Platform license is what gets embedded in the KBFs to show as licensed when run with My-T-Soft. This is the critical piece. It is obvious that it exists when viewed in the IMG License Manager. For detailed usage options using the IMG License Manager, refer to the product help here: IMG License Manager
  • When you build KBFs from this licensed version of Build-A-Board, the Platform license will be embedded in the KBFs and can then be dropped onto the your devices and will be automatically licensed when run on the target device with matching platform (e.g. Windows).
  • Note you can also delete other example boards in the folder if this makes sense for your setup - you only really need a KEYBOARD.KBF and the Project named board, e.g. MyProject.KBF and KEYBOARD.KBF in the BOARDS folder.

A common question is how are the licenses counted? In reality, they are not - we trust our customers to properly license and continue Annual Maintenance as a way to ensure that the technology will continue and be available when they are ready to deploy new systems. We like to remind people that keyboards have been in use for over 150 years, and are deployed in the billions. Because of the value, high-quality, ease of use, and inherent flexibility, customers soon realize that the license fees are minimal and savings in productivity easily justify the cost. Access to helpful support, ease of upgrading, technology roadmap, and the ongoing investment of over 20+ years of development plus the liability of violating license agreements and copyrights ensure that all true customers correctly license IMG products.

These licenses are available as follows: Enterprise 50 - Small/Medium Business or Corporate Department (less than 50 devices), or Enterprise 100 - single site (less than 100 devices). For larger deployments, refer to the IMG Technology License. Because custom boards can be useful to individuals and to global enterprises and everything in between, there are various license options available to address all types of customers. If there are questions, or you wish to discuss any issues with the available license options, please contact IMG Customer Service to discuss which option best fits your situation.

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